How much funding can I request?

You can request up to $10,000. Your project budget may be less or more than $10,000, and that’s okay! All project budgets will be unique to your particular project. The max amount that you request from us is $10,000.

If I’m not Indigenous can I apply?

No. This funding stream is intended for Indigenous people, Indigenous-led collectives, and Indigenous non-profits. If you are non-Indigenous and partnering with an Indigenous person or an Indigenous-led collective or non-profit, you may apply collaboratively.

If I’m an Indigenous person living on a First Nations reserve or Métis settlement in Treaty 6, am I eligible to submit?

Yes! We encourage you to submit an art and/or storytelling project that has a connection to Edmonton.

What kind of projects can be funded?

Any project that centres Indigenous perspectives in art and/or storytelling and has a connection to Edmonton can be funded.

What does it mean to have a project that “has a connection to Edmonton”?

This means that your project might have content that is based in Edmonton (eg. a project with historical or contemporary information about Edmonton) AND/OR that you intend to showcase/present your project to communities in Edmonton.

Can I apply for FIRE funding more than once?

You can apply for FIRE funding as many times as you want; however, you can only receive FIRE funding once per calendar year.

Will the organization be willing to fund politicized work?

Yes. Indigenous resurgence is inherently political, and we support your right to self-determination in creating the projects that are important to you and your community.

I am a student. Can I submit?

Absolutely! FIRE Grants exclude educational institutions and government owned and/or operated facilities, but students can submit. Individuals employed by educational institutions and government owned facilities can also submit, as long as they can demonstrate their project is outside the scope of their professional role within the organization.

What happens after I submit?

Once you submit your application, it is checked for eligibility by our staff and then sent to our peer jury for consideration. If your application is incomplete or you have errors in things like your budget, staff will reach out and give you time to correct the errors. You will be notified whether or not you have received funding within eight weeks after the application deadline has passed.

How many projects do you fund?

This will vary each funding cycle. In 2021 we funded five amazing projects, which you can read about here. In 2022, we have increased our funding and added an additional round (one deadline on April 15 and one on September 15).

How do I find a good venue space in Edmonton for my project?

We have partnered with Arts Habitat Edmonton, a non-profit organization with a mission to advocate for, identify, manage, and build appropriate and accessible spaces for the arts in Edmonton and area. They are committed to connecting with FIRE applicants to support their search for venues and spaces in the city that will suit their project needs. If you need workshop or studio space to create the final work, they can help you with that too!

How long do I have to complete my proposed project?

Your project should have a start and completion date that is within 12 months of receiving funding. Please note that we understand that projects often experience delays, shifts, and deadline changes, so we are flexible and open to granting extensions once your project is underway!

Can I pay myself as a project coordinator when preparing my budget?

YES! Absolutely pay yourself as a project coordinator. Ensuring project coordinators are properly compensated for time and energy is incredibly important, so make sure to pay yourself appropriately when creating your budget.

How do I know how much to pay myself, collaborators, contributors, Elders, and partners in my project?

How much you pay people will vary and depend on the scope of your project; however, we suggest consulting the CARFAC Minimum Recommended Fee Schedule for Artists to help you:

I want to ensure I am creating this project in a good way, but am reconnecting so am not sure where to start.

Ensuring you understand protocol and community-minded intention when creating your project is so important! We suggest consulting the Indigenous Protocols for the Visual Arts resource:

I am trying to get a website up and running for my project, but don’t have the capacity, skills, or time to create one. Any suggestions?

Voices of the Land is a space that supports the community to create, share, discover and celebrate local Indigenous content online. Share your history, your knowledge, your vision, your voice. Supports are also available to help you create your own community on this website!

How do I stay connected and aware of FIRE grant deadlines and updates?

Sign up for our monthly newsletter, The Beacon, where we give regular FIRE funding updates, as well as provide additional resources and collaboration opportunities.

Read more about FIRE and other grant opportunities through EHC. Please contact with any questions.