FIRE (Funding Indigenous Resurgence in Edmonton) program staff and leadership at the Edmonton Heritage Council are pleased to announce the 2021 recipients of FIRE Grants!

An Inuit led project, under the guidance of the Inuit Community Development and Education Foundation (ICDEF), seeking to engage youth and urban Inuit in traditional harvesting and preparation practices. Utilizing existing supply networks connected to the North, fresh resources will be brought to the Edmonton region for community and cultural practices. This will connect grassroots Inuit in Edmonton to said networks as well as ignite Inuit cultural practices in the urban space.

A three stream project, carried forward by the Edmonton 2Spirit Society, which seeks to increase 2Spirit presence in Edmonton through the past, present and future. By examining Indigenous LGBTQ2S+ history in Edmonton, supporting youth in the city and providing health supports, the E2SS will provide a greater sense of belonging for its members and interested participants.

By engaging artists, the public and scholars, the Arts Working Group in Indigenous Initiatives at the University of Alberta intends to host crowdcasted sessions with a variety of media. With this format, hosts and artists will have the flexibility to fully engage with participants through live broadcasting and q&a sessions.

Utilizing his cooking skills and online presence, Chef Scott Jonathan Iserhoff will be hosting virtual and in-person cooking classes with an emphasis on Indigenous cuisine and foods. Participants will be provided the resources required to participate in the classes, and videos will be shared online for future visitors.

Delving into the untold history of Indigenous music, podcaster Trent Agecoutay and musician Leanne Goose will shine a light on an important aspect of Indigenous culture from the 1960’s forward. By engaging in a number of interviews and storytelling, Thicker Than Blood will not only explore history, but open doors to a new future for young Indigenous musicians.


**Please stay tuned for updates on a Fall call for proposals**

FIRE Grants Are Now Closed!

In advance of the next grant run, read the complete grant guidelines and send us your application by the next deadline, TBA. The next opening date for submissions is to be announced.

FIRE Funding Application Process

1) The first step to receive support for your program, event, structure, or community engagement idea is to submit your pitch (or idea) directly to

2) If your pitch meets the requirements, we will contact you to discuss FIRE in depth, gather more information about your idea and potential partners, and suggest any relevant materials we have available to support you through the application process and ensure the best possible outcome.

3) Finally, if your idea is chosen, you will receive funding and promotion for your project or idea. If your project or idea is not chosen, you can expect to receive feedback on how to improve it for the future.

Please find the complete grant guidelines at this link.

About EHC’s New FIRE Initiative

FIRE (Funding Indigenous Resurgence in Edmonton), an initiative of Edmonton Heritage Council, is designed to reignite First Nations, Métis, and Inuit traditional practices and protocols in connection to our lived heritage.

FIRE is a unique grant opportunity that assists all applicants in building their capacity to apply for other grants through the process of applying for and receiving FIRE funding.

We will fund ideas from applicants looking to work with organizations and communities in and around Edmonton. This will help successful projects new relationships form.

Indigenous cultures are central to the heritage of Edmonton and we look forward to assisting in the resurgence of these cultures and being allies in self-determination. Email us at if you have any questions. We would love to talk to you!

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