Fall 2023 FIRE Recipients


FIRE (Funding Indigenous Resurgence in Edmonton) program staff and leadership at the Edmonton Heritage Council are pleased to announce the Fall 2023 recipients of FIRE Grants!

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If you have questions, would like support in putting your application together, or would like feedback on a previous application, contact the Indigenous Initiatives Lead, Jessica Johns, at jjohns@edmontonheritage.ca.


Kyle Napier – DeneQuest

DeneQuest is a 48-bit RPG game designed to help Dene DedlıneYatı language learners connect to the land! Help Elders, gain animal friends, and learn your language in real-life environments across Tu Nedhé. Elder Eileen Beaver came up with the concept and is the game translator, while Kyle Napier does project development and coding.

Ellie Adjun Kalikuq Making Workshop

This project is designed to teach Kitikmeot style Kalikuq making with Inuit women from the Edmonton area. The workshop will create a place to teach, gather, and listen to stories from Elders and share traditional history.

Verna FisherNew Beginnings (OskyaMatchetawin)

This project aims to facilitate healing and personal growth by connecting individuals and families with traditional Plains Cree culture and teachings through a three-day cultural camp. Participants from sober-living homes in Edmonton will engage in various activities, including learning legends, art, history of the land, and self-identity with guidance from Elders.

Britney Supernault – Save Sage (An Indigenous Superhero Graphic Novel Series)

Save Sage is an Indigenous online webcomic and graphic novel series that follows the story of amiskwaciwâskahikan’s very own superhero: Sage Lightning, a 20-something 2-Spirit Cree heritage consultant gifted powers by the Ancient One to rebalance the scales of creation. The series centers around Cree teachings and stories, climate change, reconnection, and living in harmony with our environment.

Heather Shillinglaw – Nookomis/Dibiki-giizis/Grandmother Moon

This project will result in an exhibition and opportunities for community engagement. Events planned include an opening reception featuring Indigenous cuisine; Elder-led smudging ceremonies; musical performances; a panel on land and sky-based knowledg; a circle event prioritizing Elder storytelling and healing; and beading workshops led by the artist.

Conor McNally – Untitled George Littlechild Documentary 

This feature documentary follows the life and work of nehiyaw painter George Littlechild. The film details his life story beginning in amiskwaciwâskahikan as a foster child, then moving through his emergence as a major artist. George shares stories of his upbringing and reconnection with his family in Maskwacis, as well as living a life as a two-spirited person. The film will culminate with an art unveiling at Red Deer Polytechnic, where George was the first Indigenous person to graduate from the Fine Art program.

Lillian CrierTeaching Mossbag and Sewing 

This project is an informational and hands-on session centred on creating and revitalizing grandmother’s teachings. Participants will learn how make moss bags and then wrap a doll.

Keara Lightning – pimâtisihtâw: a bison story

Pimâtisihtâw is an interactive historical narrative game centered around buffalo conservation and the Pablo-Allard buffalo herd in the early 20th century. The story immerses the player into the perspectives of buffalo generations and explores how conservation herdswere captured and preserved. Players make choices that determine the story’s path, allowing them to delve into various buffalo herd narratives. Materials from the Whyte Museum and Montana Historical Society archives enrich the project.

Connie LeGrand (Cikwes)  NehiyawNikamowinaᓀᐦᐃᔭᐤ (Cree Songs Concert)

This project will feature performances premiering at the 2024 SkirtsAfireFestival as delivered entirely in Nehiyawewin, the Cree language. They will target a diverse audience, including the general public, Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, and younger audiences, such as Amiskwaciy high school students. The school matinees will also incorporate Cree language teachings, including the Cree Alphabet song. The concert will promote the retention and revitalization of Nehiyawewin through the joy of singing and cultural celebration.

E2S (Edmonton 2 Spirit Society) – Crafting Spiritual sîsîkwâ Melodies 

This series of workshops in a safe and inclusive setting will bring together thirteen (13) 2 Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ individuals to delve into the sacred teachings and stories regarding the sîsîkwâ (rattle). Through craft and storytelling, the workshops will rekindle traditional knowledge within the 2 Spirit community, providing an opportunity to explore cultural teachings that 2 Spirit peoples have been disconnected from through colonization.

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