Edmonton Culinary Heritage Episode 1: Raquel’s Story (Supported by HCIP Funding)

Richard Wood and Joshua Nhan were awarded a Research & Planning grant from EHC’s Heritage Community Investment Program (HCIP) in 2021 to embark on the Edmonton Culinary Heritage Project.

Edmonton Culinary Heritage Episode 1- Raquel’s Story (Supported by HCIP Funding) from Edmonton Heritage Council on Vimeo.

The purpose of the study was to understand the role of ethnic grocery stores in Edmonton’s immigration settlement experience and how they contribute to the intergenerational transmission of cultural knowledge in Canada.

The first stage of the project is centered on the Peruvian-Edmontonian community as a case study. The Peruvian community in Edmonton is small, but proud of their culture and food history.

The video was made to showcase the food history of a community. Inspired by Chef’s Table and the YEGEATS project, the team worked to create a new media project with oral history and cooking footage.

Let the team know what you think and what you’d like to see next! Share your comments with riwood@ualberta.ca and jnhan1@ualberta.ca and help shape the future of the project.

Videography credit: Patrick Lalonde of Turtle Snaps productions.