Six Projects Funded Through HCIP Project Grant Stream

Edmonton Heritage Council is pleased to share details on six newly-funded projects under the Project grant funding stream of the Heritage Community Investment Program (HCIP). HCIP, administered by Edmonton Heritage Council and funded by the City of Edmonton, invests in the stabilization, increased professionalism and innovation of heritage in Edmonton, for Edmontonians.

The HCIP program offers four unique grant streams: Operational, Project, Project Accelerator, and Travel Grants to individuals and heritage organizations working to connect citizens to the stories of our city.

Project grants are designed to provide assistance—up to 75 percent of an applicant’s eligible expenses, to a maximum of $25,000—for non-profit organizations to undertake projects that preserve, research, document, interpret, celebrate, and raise awareness of the history and heritage of Edmonton. Projects may include a range of activities—including the commemoration of significant anniversaries—and are intended to result in diverse and innovative ways of presenting Edmonton’s stories for the benefit of all Edmontonians.

Projects internal to an organization are also eligible for funding. Heritage organizations with projects that focus on internal capacity building such as strategic/business planning and board/staff development are encouraged to apply.

Project Grant Recipients – Fall 2019:

Centre Communautaire Edmonton

Title: Indigenous Cultural Program

Flying Canoë Volant is an adventure and a true journey of discovery of our Indigenous, Metis and French culture and history in the Edmonton winter context. The success of the festival program is due to the partnerships that we have created between Indigenous, Metis and French cultural practitioners and historians. The proposed program is designed to encourage a sincere dialogue between festival patrons’ cultural leaders in the true spirit of reconciliation (reconcile/Action).

Alberta Labour History Institute

Title: Oral Histories with Recent Immigrants from Muslim – Minority Countries

This project will explore the potential for heritage projects to contribute positively to the (im)migrant experience.

Black Canadian Women in Action Society

Title: BCW: Black Girls Empowerment by Art & Culture

The project will allow visible minority girls to gain exposure, social participation and historical awareness of art and culture which builds the city of Edmonton. It is a unique space in the city for young black girls to socialize, learn and share. The girls engage through two pillars; Self- Image and Empowerment. They have a safe space to communicate with each other about the Heritage of Edmonton; they have the opportunity to explore and learn the history of Canada culture. With trips in the city and its attractions, the girls take ownership of their city and learn more about Edmonton’s heritage.

Bannerman Community League

Title: Edmonton Eats Documentation Project

This project will document the story of an Edmonton neighbourhood that with intent and thoughtful action uses innovative approaches to build inclusive multicultural neighbourhoods where people connect and thrive.

Commonwealth Association of Museums

Title: Edmonton-Caribbean Heritage Exchange

The Caribbean diaspora community in Edmonton and the Caribbean heritage community are interested in developing an exchange programme. Heritage workers in the Caribbean recently completed the Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM) distance learning program. CAM has provided the Canadian interns to the Caribbean. This project will explore the potential to provide training for up to 10 members of the diaspora and 10 heritage workers in the Caribbean with planning over the next year for exchanges in 2020. Topics to be covered will be determined through consultation. The programme may include internships, local registrants, integration with the DLP, collaborative exhibition or other projects.

Alberta Council of Ukrainian Arts

Title: Threads That Connect

ACUA & URDC have partnered to present the Threads That Connect project. The primary focus of this project is twofold – to increase the awareness of rare and unique textile art forms from the past and to inspire contemporary fibre artists and the community through exposure to these elements. This project will include and contemporary exhibit of textiles as well as programming that includes a conference, curators tours of the exhibit, textile tours within the community, and a series of lectures and workshops. The Threads That Connect project will take place from May 14- 18, 2020.

Congratulations to all our grantees!