Help us fund heritage for the future

Dear friends,
The Edmonton Heritage Council connects citizens with the stories of our city. Our commitment is to provide leadership, support, and programs to help Edmontonians research, preserve, interpret, and advocate for their shared and diverse heritage. As a not-for-profit society, the majority of our annual funding comes from the City of Edmonton.
With these funds we are able to invest over $500,000 annually – through the Heritage Community Investment Program to supporting heritage organizations and professionals, as well as innovation of heritage in Edmonton, for Edmontonians. City of Edmonton funding also supports the core operations of the EHC, and helps us advance initiatives and programs that deliver on our mandate to the community.
As a part of the City of Edmonton’s 2019-2022 Operating Budget process, the EHC is seeking an increase to our annual operating budget. The proposed increase reflects a combination of factors including:

  • the increased role and responsibility on the EHC in the community and civic dialogue,
  • continued over-subscription to the Heritage Community Investment Program,
  • the implementation of heritage recommendations outlined in Connections & Exchanges: A 10-Year Plan to Transform Arts and Heritage in Edmonton,
  • recognized demand for innovative and engaging public programs for all citizens,
  • and, our commitment to addressing the Calls to Action of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission.

We’ve been listening to your feedback over the last year as we set out to develop the next ten-year cultural strategy for Edmonton. The heritage community – and the public, broadly – were resolute about one thing; heritage matters. We heard clearly about the desire for the EHC to revisit public programming initiatives, enhance funding opportunities to support heritage projects, lead by example in addressing truth and reconciliation, and to take on more responsibility for the professionalization and recognition of the heritage sector in Edmonton.
As citizens, we all have a stake in the conversation about the future of our city, and in advocating for the programs and services we value. Securing sustainable funding for heritage initiatives will be critical in amplifying the incredible work already underway, and in positioning our heritage sector for transformational growth.

 On November 28, 2018, City Council will debate the future of heritage funding in Edmonton. We need your voice to make sure it’s heard loud and clear that heritage initiatives are a funding priority in the City of Edmonton 2019-2022 Operating Budget.
Here are some ways you can use your voice to be a champion for heritage in Edmonton:

  1. Contact City Council

Take a minute and write, phone or email your City Councillor. You can send a message here, or contact your Councillor directly. Not sure who your Councillor is? You can look them up using this handy tool. You can also send message to all of City Council using this email address:

  1. Get social

Whether you’ve attended a heritage event, participated in a project, or you’re a professional working in the sector, take to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let Council know that heritage matters to you. Be sure to tag your Councillor in posts and use the hashtags #yegheritage and #yegcc.

  1. Add your voice to the ThriveYEG platform

ThriveYEG is a digital platform for citizens to share their thoughts about the programs and services, provided by the City of Edmonton, that matter to them. It’s about sharing the things we value as citizens that offer the quality of life that makes Edmonton so attractive. If heritage programs and initiatives matter to you, share them on ThriveYEG!

  1. Attend or follow the budget discussions at City Hall

On November 28th, EHC will be making a presentation to City Council. Come and join in person at City Hall.
Our stories connect us, give texture and meaning to our shared experiences, and help chart a path forward as a city. Our history can also be a powerful force for citizen engagement and city building. We know that our shared heritage matters to Edmontonians, whether you’ve been here for generations, or if you’ve only just arrived. By connecting with our past, we can create a vibrant and inclusive future for all Edmontonians.
Consider sharing your support for Edmonton’s heritage today. 
Thank you.