What’s New with EHC’s Programs

EHC’s recent blog post, (Some of) What We’re Up To, looks at just a few highlights of what’s happening with our flagship programs, Edmonton City as Museum Project (ECAMP), Funding Indigenous Resurgence in Edmonton (FIRE), and Heritage Community Investment Program (HCIP). More on our current grants run can be found here.

ECAMP invites you to make yourself at home in Edmonton Living Rooms, centred around themes of Resilience, Food, Learning, Home, Justice, Migration, Love, and Artistic Expression. Read about the creation of this new virtual exhibit, supported by Canadian Heritage and Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative.

Applications to the Community Impact Project, Project Accelerator and Research & Planning Heritage Community Investment Program (HCIP) streams are due April 1, 2024. HCIP applicants can find what they need for a given stream via the Grants Portal. The next Funding Indigenous Resurgence in Edmonton (FIRE) deadline is April 22, 2024. Contact grants@edmontonheritage.ca or fire@edmontonheritage.ca to learn more about HCIP and FIRE respectively.