Project Accelerator Grant

Deadline: TBA

Project Accelerator grants provide financial support up to $10,000 to individuals and organizations undertaking small-scale heritage projects that tell Edmonton stories. If you have questions about our grants, we encourage you to reach out to EHC Grants Staff at

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for a Project Grant, applicants must:
a) Be a not-for-profit organization, individual, or collective of individuals whose residence or location of work is in the Edmonton Capital Region, as determined by the Capital Board boundaries.
b) Not have any outstanding grants or agreements due to the EHC.
c) Demonstrate the benefit of the project to the citizens of Edmonton.
d) Project must have clear start and end dates, as well as a specific scope of activities separate from regular operations and/or ongoing programs.
e) If applying as an individual, the applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18.
f) Applicants cannot have been awarded an HCIP Project Accelerator or Community Impact Project Grant during the current calendar year.
g) Educational institutions and government owned and/or operated facilities are not eligible.

Project Eligibility

a) Projects are not eligible if work has already begun or is planned to begin prior to receiving notification about grant results from the Edmonton Heritage Council.
b) Arts-based projects: HCIP does not fund any expenses directly related to artistic production or presentation. Eligible expenses may include, but are not limited to, funding for historical research and dramaturgy, archival projects, or audience engagement strategies involving local heritage topics.
c) Celebratory events. Applications that include an event component as a means of engaging Edmontonians with their work or sharing project outcomes are still eligible. One-time events with the goal of education or knowledge-sharing may still be eligible.
d) Internal capacity-building Projects for Heritage organizations.

Application Process

All forms are available through our AMS Grants Portal.

  • Download and review the grant guidelines before beginning your application to ensure that you are aware of all the requirements of a specific grant stream.
  • Download and complete a Budget Template, ensuring that all revenues and expenses are included and that the totals match.
  • Download a worksheet to help assemble all the information and documentaion you will need to complete your application.
  • Complete the online application form and attach supporting documentation.
  • Any potential profits generated by an HCIP funded project must be included in the budget as ‘revenue’

What Is the Deadline?

The next deadline for Project Accelerator Grant applications is:

  • TBA

A worksheet with the application questions is available here. You can use this worksheet to prepare your answers, but your complete application must be submitted through the Grants Portal.

Applications are due by 4:00 PM on the deadline day.

Final Reporting

All grant recipients are required to submit a Final Report to the EHC to share the outcomes of grant funding. Final Reports are due 90 days after project completion or by the date listed in the Letter of Agreement signed by the EHC and the successful applicant organization (whichever comes first). To submit your final report, use the form below. 

Receipts for expenses over $500.00 are required.

Please note that grants are taxable income that must be reported when filing personal income taxes. If successful, the grant cheque will be made out to the organization or individual identified as the applicant on the grant application form. EHC is unable to distribute grant funds to multiple recipients or make grant payments in installments. EHC recommends seeking professional accounting assistance if you have questions about reporting this income.