Project Accelerator Grant

Deadline: September 29, and December 22, 2017

Project Accelerator grants are designed to support individuals and organizations undertaking a small scale heritage project that tells an Edmonton story in a unique or innovative way. The Project Accelerator grant will support up to $10,000 of eligible expenses, including facilitator or consultant fees, project or programming expenses, or communications expenses.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be an individual, a collective of individuals, or a registered organization whose residence or location of work is in Edmonton/Capital Region. The project must have programming and interpretation specifically about an Edmonton story and have a demonstrated benefit to the residents of Edmonton. Applicants must have no outstanding final reports, or unused previous grant funding.

Who is not eligible?

This program excludes: educational institutions, provincial facilities such as the Royal Alberta Museum, and those owned and operated by the City of Edmonton such as Fort Edmonton.

How do I apply?

Please download the Information document, Application Form and Budget Form for more information on the application process, and the materials required.

What is the deadline?

Project Accelerator Grants are offered quarterly, with four deadlines throughout the year. This year’s remaining deadlines are September 29 and December 22, 2017.