Raffaella Loro

Raffaella Loro is a self-proclaimed ‘very civil servant’ with a penchant for tackling complex challenges. After a brief introduction to the world of museums as a curatorial assistant (one of her best ever summer jobs) she has dedicated the past twenty years to transforming communication practices in Edmonton, including nearly 15 years at the City of Edmonton Communications Department. In her time at the City, she played a pivotal part in guiding the city’s ventures into social media and online multimedia, as well as placebranding efforts and internal storytelling.

In her recent endeavors, Raffaella has concentrated on leveraging human-centered design principles to enhance community and individual well-being. She thrives on exploring the intersection of process and creativity, often challenging conventional norms along the way.

In her free time you can find her quietly knitting or with her husband chasing her dog Pippa through Edmonton’s river valley.