Heritage Writers’ Reserve Award 2021 Announcement

Juliette Champagne, 2021 Heritage Writers’ Reserve Award Recipient

EHC announces the 2021 recipient of the Heritage Writers’ Reserve Award: Juliette Champagne.

The award was adjudicated by three respected writers: Billie Milholland, Candas Jane Dorsey, and Dr. Adriana A. Davies, the 2020 recipient.

This fund, administered by the Edmonton Heritage Council with support from the Edmonton Community Foundation, celebrates Edmonton’s writers, researchers, and historians whose contributions to Edmonton’s heritage sector and beyond merit celebration.

Book projects may be awarded at different stages of development with the goal of getting final outcomes out into the community. Writers may use the prize to fund their editing, book design, publication, or touring and promotion.

EHC awards this prize of $10,000 to Juliette Champagne to support the publication and distribution of The Beillevaire Letters, the Transition Years: 1880-1937. 

About Juliette Champagne:

Juliette Champagne grew up on a farm in a Francophone community near St. Paul and holds a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Alberta as well as a Doctorate in History from Université Laval in Québec City. Currently president of the Friends of the Bugnet Plantation, a group she organised to protect this provincial historic resource, she is preparing a manuscript from the letters of the French missionary, Hippolyte Beillevaire, who established the parish of St. Thomas at Duhamel, on the Battle River. Juliette lives in Edmonton and has worked independently in the field for many years, mostly on the rich resources of French language documents pertaining to First Nations, Métis, French immigrants and settlers.