Wide Angle Lens Session 3: Working ‘With’ and ‘In’ Communities Guest Speakers

This third 90-minute session in the EHC webinar series Wide Angle Lens: Empowering Community Heritage Practices covered the difference between the concepts of consultation, engagement, collaboration, partnership, community research, representation, inclusion, voice, and shared authority. We discussed the difference between working ‘in’ communities, as a community member, and working ‘with’ communities as an outsider, and how that impacts projects. Today researchers cannot study a BIPOC community without either being a part of the community or working in close collaboration with community members: “Nothing About Us Without Us.”

Series facilitator Catherine C. Cole, an internationally renowned heritage consultant, recently answered several questions about the series and session in this Q&A. Register now to audit future sessions for free.

Learn more about the guest speakers providing multiple perspectives on subjects below.

Don Bouzek

Don Bouzek works in digital media and live performance, with projects ranging from broadcast programs through web-based educational videos to live professional performances in non-traditional venues, such as museums and community halls. He is the Artistic Director of Ground Zero Productions, a professional Edmonton theatre which tours extensively with historically based shows such as Maria Dunn’s GWG: Piece by Piece and Packingtown. Don is a founding director of the Alberta Labour History Institute (ALHI), established in 1999 to collect, preserve and disseminate the stories of Alberta’s working people.

Soni Dasmohapatra

Soni Dasmohapatra (afternoon) is a consultant who works with individuals, groups, public service institutions, and community agencies to facilitate the development of tools that focus on building inclusive platforms that incorporate strategy, design, wellness, and art for transformative change.

Azkaa Rahman

Azkaa Rahman (evening) has led a number of engagement efforts on broad planning, infrastructure and community development projects, as well as corporate-wide policies and frameworks. She spearheaded the Governor General’s Award-nominated Edmonton Living Rooms project, a collaborative effort between the Edmonton Heritage Council, the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op, and seven refugee communities in Edmonton, using a Narrative Growth process.