Mentor Spotlight – Beth Sanders

Beth Sanders (she/her) is the President, RPP (Registered Professional Planner with Alberta Professional Planners Institute) for POPULUS Community Planning Inc. She worked for the municipal government for 12 years before starting her own company and landing her “dream job.” 

To Beth, the heritage sector is the people and organizations who tell our stories. Her role is helping people get clear on the story, the purpose of the story, and the roles and responsibilities of people as they work together to tell/live into that story, as well as to examine when the story is old, and a new, disruptive story is wanting to be seen and heard.

Beth understands that as a white, cisgender woman, she has the privilege of benefiting from her professional experience. She knows how to navigate power structures in order to access resources and to help those in power to see new ways of doing things. 

The purpose of Beth’s work is to shepherd community and organizational conversations and decision making into a new era where the following are front and centre: pragmatic purpose, community health, fiscal and economic responsibility, environmental responsibility, cultural responsibility, and public conversation.

Beth is a former Board Member of the Edmonton Heritage Council.

Beth’s social information:

A more robust biography was provided to participants at the event on September 24.