Looking Back & Looking Forward

The Edmonton Heritage Council has been administering the Heritage Community Investment Program (HCIP) on behalf of Edmonton City Council for the past four years, as recommended in The Art of Living: A Plan for Securing the Future of Arts & Heritage in the City of Edmonton: 2008-2018. During this time over 1.2 million dollars has been invested in essential ways to animate Edmonton’s heritage and history. As we approach the fifth year of the Investment Program, we want to make sure that our funding opportunities are meeting the needs of the sector and Edmontonians.

EHC has recently begun a full review the Heritage Community Investment Program to give us a clear understanding of the program, where we’ve come and where we can go possibly go in the future. The review will be taking place over the coming months and there will be many opportunities for our members, partners, and the general public to engage and to offer your feedback. Stay tuned to future EHC Update newsletters to learn more about the process and how you can get involved.

What we learn through this review will influence our grants going forward. We want the HCIP to be responsive to the needs of the community and reach as many people as possible. We anticipate that some of suggestions we hear could be implemented as early as this fall for 2017 funding. It will be an exciting time and we look forward to the opportunities that lay ahead!

If you have questions about the review, reach out. I would be happy to answer your questions and take any feedback you have to offer. Send me an email (mjimmy@edmontonheritage.ca), give me a call (780-429-0166 ext 234) or simply leave a comment below. We would love to hear what you think!