Métis Archival Project: National Council Historical Database

Métis Archival Project: National Council Historical Database

Presented by Dr. Frank Tough and Sandy Hoye as part of the symposium Reconciliation & Resurgence: Heritage Practice in Post-TRC Edmonton

The Métis Archival Project (MAP) is a multi-project research facility that specializes in the digitization and analysis of archival documents pertaining to the historical Métis Nation. It provides Métis users with access to their ancestors’ documents, facilitating the process of cultural re-connection, and identity reclamation. Under the direction of Research Director Dr. Frank Tough, MAP is contracted by Métis governments and political organizations to conduct research that supports ongoing Aboriginal Rights assertion.

In late 2019, Dr. Tough was awarded the Order of the Métis Nation in Winnipeg for his dedicated work and volunteerism in the protection and promotion of Métis Nation rights through MAP.

Métis Archival Project (MAP) will set up a booth to demonstrate several of its databases to attendees and display some of the mapping it has done using archival records. MAP will also help visitors navigate the database and find documents relating to their ancestors or other individuals of interest.

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