EHC Announces New Symposium Reconciliation and Resurgence: Heritage Practice in Post-TRC Edmonton

Thank you to everyone who helped make the symposium Reconciliation and Resurgence: Heritage Practice in Post-TRC Edmonton a success.

This programming was conceived to help individuals and organizations from within and outside the heritage sector find new ways forward with a focus on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

Artist Joleyne Mayers-Jaekel of ViClarity Inc. created a graphic representation of themes and learnings from the symposium, available here.

Please read this EHC blog post for insights from steering committee member Kim Ghostkeeper.

Attendees considered, examined, and revisited current ways of thinking and working in the Heritage sector through presentations based on newly acquired knowledge, teachings, and lessons around the topic of Heritage, Reconciliation, and Indigenous Cultural Resurgence. This symposium was designed to cultivate a space for personal and professional breakthroughs around reconciliation, addressing gaps in representations of Indigenous heritage in our organizations and community-based work.


Visit the symposium program page to see the steering committee members and updates about the event as they are published.

    This project represents the collective wisdom of Indigenous advisors, Knowledge Keepers, and Elders. Please contact Kim Ghostkeeper, Guiding Council and Program Committee member at with any questions you may have following the symposium.

    Please consider signing up for the community bulletin regularly updated by City of Edmonton, Indigenous Relations Office.

    Other valuable resources as you continue to engage with important questions of Truth, Reconciliation, and Resurgence include Bob Joseph’s 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act and some of the audio and reading on TRC’s media page.

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