Symposium Keynote 1

Keynote 1:

Presented by Dr. Kisha Supernant as part of the symposium Reconciliation & Resurgence: Heritage Practice in Post-TRC Edmonton

This lecture accompanied by slides will speak to the TRC Calls to Action and UNDRIP to discuss how the heritage sector can respond in meaningful ways and with the direction of Indigenous communities. Dr. Supernant, the Métis/Papaschase/British Director of the Institute of Prairie and Indigenous Archaeology at the University of Alberta, will discuss the role of archaeology and cultural heritage in reconciliation and resurgence, drawing on examples of her work with community partners from Enoch Cree Nation, Papaschase First Nation, and the Métis Nation of Alberta. Dr. Supernant, an award-winning teacher, researcher, and writer, has published in local and international journals on GIS in archaeology, collaborative archaeological practice, Métis archaeology, and indigenous archaeology in the post-TRC era

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