Teneya Gwin

Teneya Gwin has worked with Alberta’s Indigenous communities for over 12 years. Contributing tremendously to Teneya’s success are her high degree of emotional intelligence and empathy, two important qualities for effective consultation and engagement work. As an Indigenous entrepreneur, Teneya launched her own company, Eleven Eleven Consulting Inc. With a vast network, ambition, and personal connections to her career, Teneya is a key contributor to any engagement project she is involved in. Her passion and commitment to Indigenous communities creates opportunities for her clients and those communities to work together.

Gwin is a co-presenter (with Shani Gwin and Carola Cunningham) of the sold-out workshop Bridging the Gap: Guiding Principles on Your Path to Reconciliation on March 2, taking place in advance of the symposium Reconciliation and Resurgence: Heritage Practice in Post-TRC Edmonton on March 3 and 4.

Although registration is full for the pre-symposium workshop, you are encouraged to read more and register for the symposium.

If you were unable to register for the pre-symposium workshop in time, consider subscribing to the community bulletin regularly updated by City of Edmonton, Indigenous Relations Office.

Other valuable resources to prepare for the symposium if you wish include Bob Joseph’s 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act and some of the audio and reading on TRC’s media page.

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