2023 Career Development Recipients (HCIP)

Please see below the project summaries for heritage work funded in 2023 via the HCIP (Heritage Community Investment Program) Career Development stream, which provides funding up to $4,000  for individual heritage practitioners to participate in opportunities that will result in gaining new skills and knowledge to support the development of heritage work in Edmonton.

Zach Polis UCLA Film Production Certificate

This opportunity will improve the applicant’s skill and knowledge in producing films. Their goal is to share heritage stories significant to Edmonton on a global level.

Mpooe Mogale Woezo Africa’s Black Arts Development Program

Learning from world class instructors at Woezo Africa’s Black Arts Development Program will further the practitioner’s knowledge in the histories and cultural contexts behind dance movements. This experience will enrich their practice as an artist, also providing students with deeper insights and respect of the cultures behind these dance forms.

A complete listing of 2023 HCIP recipients is available here. Contact grants@edmontonheritage.ca with any questions.