Join a movement to make heritage an indispensable
part of community and civic life.

EHC members are a diverse group of engaged citizens and heritage organizations including historical and genealogical societies, Indigenous and cultural communities, family history groups, museums, archives and historic sites, and a whole range of heritage scholars, supporters and advocates from all walks of life.

EHC members are the heart of the Council. They populate the networks, animate discussions, plan and develop programs, provide leadership, and form the Board of Directors.

Membership Categories

Open to individuals and organizations residing in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region including provincial or national not-for-profit heritage organizations that have permanent offices in the region. Members have voting rights and are eligible to be elected to the EHC Board of Directors. Each organizational member will be entitled to only one vote at general meetings, including Annual General Meetings.

Open to individuals whose residence is outside of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, or organizations that are resident of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region but not dedicated to heritage activities, or who are for-profit organizations and businesses. Associates will not be eligible to elect or hold positions on the board of directors.

All memberships run for one or more calendar years from date of purchase.

Membership Fees


We are currently only accepting membership renewals online. To join or renew online, please fill out the form below to ensure that your information is up to date.