Historian Laureate

In 2010, the City of Edmonton reinforced the importance of identifying and preserving Edmonton’s history by becoming Canada’s first municipality to appoint a Historian Laureate. The Historian Laureate is the City’s official ambassador on historical matters and promotes the history of the city and its citizens by documenting, researching, interpreting and speaking about the people, places and events that have created Edmonton’s distinctive heritage and character.

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips’ term as Edmonton’s third Historian Laureate commenced in April 2016. He is preceded by the City’s past Historian Laureates Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail, Shirley Lowe and Ken Tingley.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Chris loves hearing and sharing stories about the city. He’s intensely curious about the small cultural communities that get bypassed in official histories, and how culture and nature shape each other.

Since 2014, he’s worked as News Coordinator for CJSR, Edmonton’s campus and community radio station. He’s previously worked for CBC Radio in Toronto, and written for print and online media like Vue Weekly.

Chris’ passion for encouraging neighbours led to founding Shareable Neighbourhood, a grassroots community group that organized tours and workshops about the culture, ecology, and history of Mill Creek & Old Strathcona.

Chris sees it as his mission work to tell stories that make people believe that they belong and that they matter – by reflecting how our histories are woven together, but also by unveiling our bonds to the rest of nature. It’s the only way we feel confident fighting to make it better.

Connect with Chris on Facebook at www.facebook.com/yeghistory