EHC’s Values

Edmonton Heritage Council’s Values


The range of Edmonton’s unique, diverse and shared historical experiences, cultural memories, living traditions, and identities; this includes monuments, objects, documents, landscapes, and natural heritage.


Removing barriers to support equal access to opportunities and resources for people to interpret their stories. Enable all to participate fully in the cultural life of the city, working with the principles and practices of equity and anti-racism.


Seeking to work with marginalized and underrepresented communities to help them tell their stories in their voices.

Truth & Reconciliation

Truth-telling about the heritage of this place, founded on the presence and contributions of Indigenous peoples. Working to establish and maintain mutually respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, advancing actions for positive change through acknowledgement of the historical causes and harms of the past that live in the present.

Community Engagement

Working in a collaborative and participatory way to develop meaningful solutions to complex issues. Everyone affected by an issue has a say in related decision.