Three Historians Laureate Share Comments and Insights

The nomination deadline for Edmonton’s next Historian Laureate has just been extended to January 31!

Have a look at EHC’s latest blog post, featuring insights from Historians Laureate Marlena Wyman, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, and Shirley Lowe for inspiration if you or someone you know might be interested in working to create awareness of Edmonton’s heritage and to act as an ambassador for the city on historical matters.

The backgrounds of those who have held the post in the past represent a great diversity of experience, and some of them didn’t see themselves as obvious candidate for the position before rising to the occasion.

Read the complete blog post. The Historian Laureate program is administered jointly by the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Historical Board, and Edmonton Heritage Council.

The next Historian Laureate will receive an annual honorarium provided by the Edmonton Historical Board, for the length of the two-year term.