HCIP Profile: Dustin Bajer

When Dustin Bajer applied for a Project Accelerator HCIP grant, his ambition was to develop an accessible database of Edmonton plants. He got more than he bargained for.

Through his project, Heritage Plants of Edmonton, Dustin set out to collect, photograph, and document narratives and samples, with the intention of building a growing inventory of heritage trees and plants. However, some developments caused Dustin to rethink the project scope.

Read more about Dustin’s journey to date on the EHC blog.

Another recent post, by Edmonton’s fifth Historian Laureate, Marlena Wyman, covers the topic of Preserving Your Family Archives. The City of Edmonton has recently named Amber Paquette as Marlena’s successor in the role. The Historian Laureate works closely with the Edmonton Historical Board and the Edmonton Heritage Council, which jointly administer the City’s Historian Laureate program.