Request for Proposals: Commonwealth Walkway Indigenous Expansion Project

See this RFP as a downloadable PDF.

Commonwealth Walkway Indigenous Expansion Project (submission deadline: January 13, 2023)


Edmonton Heritage Council (EHC), established in 2009, is a notforprofit charitable organization, working with the community, heritage organizations, and the City of Edmonton as its strategic partners.


We connect people to the stories of our city through our leadership, support, and programs. We help Edmontonians research, preserve, interpret, and advocate for their heritage.


To advance Connections & Exchanges, Edmonton’s 10-year arts and heritage plan.


Kyla Fisher, Programs Manager
SUBJECT LINE: Commonwealth Walkway Project RFP
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This information is current at the time of writing and may be adjusted by EHC if warranted.


RFP Release Date 


December 13, 2022

Submission Deadline

Selected Vendor Notification Date

Target Project Kickoff 

January 13, 2023

January 20, 2023


Target Project Completion By March 31, 2024


The Edmonton Heritage Council (EHC) seeks a consulting firm with Indigenous community engagement and storytelling capacity to help advance the Edmonton Commonwealth Walkway.

The Commonwealth Walkway (CWW) covers 10KM through the North Saskatchewan River Valley. From the Funicular to the Groat Bridge, the Walkway includes paths to the Indigenous Art Park, John Walter Museum and Alberta Legislature, with 31 Medallions displaying Queen Elizabeth II’s personal monogram. At each medallion, place-specific stories live on the Commonwealth Walkway app developed in partnership with Lift Interactive.

The initial phase of the CWW was as a partnership between the Commonwealth Walkway Trust, the City of Edmonton (CoE), Explore Edmonton, EPCOR and other corporate partners, Naheyawin, and the Edmonton Heritage Council (EHC) in 2019. The project was a success and saw over 3,200 app downloads and another 40,000 visits to the desktop version.

We are now introducing an additional 24 stories curated, developed, and directed by Indigenous collaborators to activate Edmontonians’ awareness of the rich background and history of the river valley area from the perspective of the Indigenous peoples to whom this land has important significance.


Process Design:

  • The consultant will work with EHC staff to co-develop a project execution plan with deadlines and key deliverables.
  • The consultant will coordinate and outline the series of stories with ECAMP and FIRE staff

Collaboration and Contact Point:

  • The consultant will be the primary point of contact with ECAMP’s web developers, and other key collaborators, to integrate the existing Commonwealth Walkway app into a brand new MAPS feature on the ECAMP (Edmonton City as Museum Project) website.
  • The consultant will be the primary point of contact with key stakeholders, and partners including Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers contributing to this project.

    Community Engagement:

    • Work with project partners to access archival material gathered from past projects such the Touch the Water, the River Crossing Heritage Interpretation Plan, and the first iteration of the Commonwealth Walkway where Indigenous community members have shared stories.
    • Engage with those community members and (with their consent and with protocol and compensation observed) include those stories in the new series.
    • Commission researchers, writers, and Knowledge Keepers for 24 new stories for the Commonwealth Walkway recorded in English and the storyteller’s language in alignment with proper protocol and ethics for receiving Indigenous stories

    Story Recording

    • Contract Indigenous performers to record the new stories


    • Complete a debrief report at the close of the project

    Process Considerations:

    • With public health concerns continuing  into 2023 engagement sessions will largely happen over Zoom to limit health risk and expand access, unless otherwise advised by community members Any in-person events will require masking and distancing, and will observe all available capacity restrictions.
    • Engaging in intercultural exchange as a larger institution presents a significant amount of emotional and cultural risk. The consultant will need to demonstrate their understanding of Indigenous protocol and storytelling in their proposal.


    Based on the work outlined above, the key project deliverables will be:

    • Co-developed project plan
    • Contact point for key partnerships
    • Develop new series of stories
    • Access archival story material
    • Generate through community engagement new story material
    • Record new stories with Indigenous performers
    • Complete debrief report


    The Consultant will:

    • Be accountable and work collaboratively with the project partners and the EHC.
    • Report to EHC staff as needed.

    EHC staff (led by the Programs team) will:

    • Coordinate project administration and monitor activities between the project partners and EHC staff.


    Submissions to be clearly written and concise. Where appropriate, use of pointform format is welcome.

    Submissions will be received until 4:00 PM (MT) January 13, 2023. Submissions received after this time will not be considered.

    The Proponent is responsible for obtaining all information required for the preparation of its Submission. The EHC shall not be responsible for any costs, expenses, losses, damages, or liability incurred by Proponents in responding to this RFP.

    Packages included as part of a submission should be clearly identified and submitted as a single electronic PDF to the email address provided above. Electronic submissions will be confirmed by EHC as received.


    Please organize your submission in the following format in terms of sequence and included information. This helps us in evaluation and ensures each submission receives full consideration:

    PART 1: Qualifications

    Provide a summary of your qualifications and resources available to do this work, demonstrating understanding of our organization and this type of project.

    PART 2: Consultant Services

    • Provide a Project Work Plan in the submission and recommend a delivery schedule for consideration, with an end project completion of no later than March 31, 2024.
    • Provide a minimum of two (2) examples and references of related past work by the consultant, including experience working collaboratively with agencies and curators.
    • Possible factors that may impact budget and schedule, as well as how the consultant may respond to related challenges.
    • List of individuals (if more than one) who will be involved in the project work, and a summary of their qualifications.

    PART 3: Proposed Fees and Costs

    Fee structure and invoicing schedule for consultant services.


    All aspects of the submissions will be taken into consideration during the evaluation process, including

    • Proposed fees and costs.
    • The background and experience of the consultant in providing similar services as well as relevant experience of key personnel to be assigned to the account.
    • The completeness and timeliness of proposal submission.
    • The consultant’s ability to commit time to the project.
    • The overall best interests of the EHC.


    See this RFP as a downloadable PDF.