Welcome to EHC’s New FIRE Initiative

FIRE (Funding Indigenous Resurgence in Edmonton), an initiative of Edmonton Heritage Council, is designed to reignite First Nations, Métis, and Inuit traditional practices and protocols in connection to our lived heritage.

FIRE is a unique grant opportunity that assists all applicants in building their capacity to apply for other grants through the process of applying for and receiving FIRE funding.

We will fund ideas from applicants looking to work with organizations and communities in and around Edmonton. This will help successful projects new relationships form.

FIRE Funding Application Process

1) The first step to receive support for your program, event, structure, or community engagement idea is to submit your pitch (or idea) directly to

2) If your pitch meets the requirements, we will contact you to discuss FIRE in depth, gather more information about your idea and potential partners, and suggest any relevant materials we have available to support you through the application process and ensure the best possible outcome.

3) Finally, if your idea is chosen, you will receive funding and promotion for your project or idea. If your project or idea is not chosen, you can expect to receive feedback on how to improve it for the future.

The Beacon Newsletter

Subscribe here for FIRE’s monthly e-newsletter, The Beacon, with information on Indigenous resources, funding, and collaboration opportunities.

Coming Soon

With the upcoming launch of the FIRE website, we’ll feature video introductions to the FIRE staff team as well as an integrated grants portal including grant guidelines and other related materials.