Travel Grant

Deadline: September 29 and December 22, 2017

The Edmonton Heritage Council offers two types of travel grants: research and education. Research travel grants offer limited assistance to individuals—up to $4000—for funding research that will lead to the telling of untold stories related to Edmonton’s heritage, and must be conducted outside the corporate limits of the City of Edmonton. Education travel grants offer limited assistance to individuals—up to $4000—for funding travel for educational opportunities at workshops, conferences and formal educational programs that will benefit the applicant personally and, by extension, Edmonton’s heritage sector.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, individuals must live and/or work in the Edmonton Capital Region and have work focusing on Edmonton stories. Applicants must have no outstanding final reports, or unused previous grant funding for the EHC. The main purpose of their trip must be to acquire skills or knowledge that will inform their approach to Edmonton’s heritage, to conduct specific research on Edmonton’s heritage that cannot be conducted from within Edmonton, or to celebrate Edmonton’s untold stories beyond the city’s limits.

Who is not eligible?

Research that could be completed from within the City of Edmonton online, by phone or by Skype is not eligible. Research or education undertaken by an individual employed by a heritage organization on a work-related topic is, similarly, not eligible.

How do I apply?

Please download the Information document, Application Form, and Budget Form for more information on the application process and the materials required.

What is the deadline?

Travel grants are offered quarterly, with four deadlines throughout the year. This year’s remaining deadlines are September 29 and December 22, 2017.

Additional Information