Asheika Sood

Asheika, traditionally of Indian ancestry, was born in amiskwacîwâskahikan — the lands currently known as Edmonton, to immigrant parents who migrated through complex stories through Kenya and the United Kingdom to Canada. Falling in love with the land she was raised on, she quickly became immersed in community work and has had the opportunity to support a variety of community initiatives from her early years till now.

Her undergraduate degree in Political Studies and Geography allowed her to expand on her passion for community, growing her knowledge on the ways diverse community voices could be included in shaping their cities and services. Asheika is passionate about learning about the traditional stories of Indigenous peoples on these lands, as well as showcasing the diverse histories that make this place unique.

When off from work, Asheika can be found supporting a variety of community projects in Edmonton, practicing her very beginner Cantonese, and sampling the diverse food scene in the city.