HCIP Project Accelerator Grant Subsidy Announcement

With support from the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF)’s Rapid Response Fund, the Heritage Community Investment Program (HCIP) will be disbursing an additional $15,000 through the Project Accelerator Grant at the intake with a deadline of June 5, 2020.

This funding will be allocated explicitly towards individuals from equity-seeking communities and/or organizations led by people from equity-seeking communities.

Consistent with EHC’s other Guiding Framework Policies, we recognize the rights of individuals and groups to fair access to heritage-related resources and outcomes. Below is EHC’s newly-developed Equity Policy, which will inform eligibility for this additional funding:

EHC’s work is ongoing towards the creation of equitable outcomes, including addressing systemic barriers, in our processes and within the heritage sector. To this end:

a. EHC will be responsive to the changing needs of the Edmonton area and the many people and socio-cultural communities that add to the vibrancy and resiliency of our region. We acknowledge that systemic barriers to equity exist.

b. Equity is an on-going process with no completion date. EHC strives to ensure we are supporting and creating inclusive and equitable communities. We recognize that treating all groups equally will not result in equity.

c. We will continue and increase our work with diverse people and communities towards shared goals, engaging diverse voices to ensure all communities within the Edmonton area see themselves reflected in the work of the Edmonton Heritage Council.

d. EHC commits to communicating about our successes and challenges in our equity work.

We will examine our programs through the lens of this Equity Policy and continue to work with our partners to serve our sector better. 

Funding will be made available through both the Project Accelerator – Digital Heritage Experiences and Individual Seed sub-streams, dependent upon applications meeting the eligibility criteria within the respective category.  

Thank you to the Edmonton Community Foundation for their tremendous support of the Edmonton Heritage Council and future grant applicants!