Mentor Spotlight – Shawn Tse

Shawn Tse (he/him) is an amiskwacîwâskahikan/Edmonton based artist, filmmaker, and educator passionate about social change through arts and media. Shawn works closely with Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative, Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation, Edmonton Chinese Television Society, and more.

A second-generation Chinese Canadian, Shawn believes that minority cultures are underrepresented in Canadian arts and heritage industries and actively works with the ethnocultural community. Shawns love of community and storytelling has helped him develop the intergenerational cooking show “Seconds, Please!” and lead a community arts project “Figure , , , , ” using Chinese ink paintings & film to highlight the historical and cultural impacts of Edmonton’s ever-changing Chinatown.​

Shawn is passionate about working with ethnocultural organizations and community members to help raise awareness and empower underrepresented voices through Heritage and Arts projects. Shawn hopes that through this mentorship program, he may increase the representation of racialized communities in Edmonton heritage work.

Shawn’s social information:

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A more robust biography will be provided to participants at the event on September 24.