Mentor Spotlight – David Ridley

David Ridley (he/him) is the Executive Director for the Edmonton Heritage Council and has been so since inauguration 10 years ago. He has over 25 years of experience in heritage and culture, in that time serving as Curatorial Researcher, Director of Research, and Curator and Program Manager. Being a part of the founding team of the Edmonton Heritage Council, David helped the organization grow and mature into a dynamic not-for-profit body in Edmonton.

David is passionate about the importance of local knowledge, local places, and how these are important to the way people and communities connect. David would like to assist a protégé in finding the right path for work in the heritage sector by exploring their ideas and suggestions for the heritage sector in Edmonton.

David defines heritage as a broad set of practices, disciplines, and perspectives that are continually evolving. For him, it is essential that the current practices and professionalism of archivists, curators, conservators, and programs continues and develops, but the traditions and perspectives of Indigenous and cultural communities must be acknowledged and appreciated.

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A more robust biography will be provided to participants at the event on September 24.