Edmonton’s Civic Election Candidates answer: Why is Heritage important to you?

Election day in Edmonton is this coming Monday, October 16th, and we wanted to know what our Council and Mayoral Candidates had to say about the importance of heritage in Edmonton. We sent out a survey to all of the candidates, and what we’ve included here is exactly what they shared with us. We’ve heard from at least one candidate in each of the wards, with the exception of Ward 3.

We received wonderful anecdotes from candidates about their favourite Edmonton heritage site or person, and the stories of how they are all connected to our city. We were happy to see that the story of our city continues to be one of diverse communities and peoples, as well as one that is conscious of our Treaty 6 roots.

To see the candidates’ responses in full: Edmonton Heritage Council Civic Election Survey

Here are the questions we asked each of the candidates:

 1. How do you see yourself as connected to Edmonton’s story and history?

2. What role do you see heritage playing in a thriving and vibrant Edmonton (and in your ward, if you are a councillor candidate)?

3. As a city on Treaty 6 territory, how do you see reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and communities related to Edmonton’s heritage?

4. What is your favourite Edmonton heritage building, place, event or character?  (Choose one or more as you like- Visit Edmonton Maps Heritage to find a building or site)

5. Consultations are beginning to renew Edmonton’s Arts, Heritage and Cultural Plan. What kind of heritage initiatives and developments would you like to see for Edmonton in the next 10 years?

Remember to cast your vote on Monday, October 16! To find out more about where to vote and who is running in your ward, visit Edmonton Elections.